Here is an illustration from an essay that will get a 3 in this domain

Devices are good at low-skill, repeated jobs as well as high-speed, exceptionally accurate jobs. Both in instances, they function better than people. As an example, machines are better at printing things quickly and demonstrably than individuals are. Ahead of the invention of this publishing press by Gutenberg individuals had to compose every thing by hand. The publishing press made it quicker and easier to obtain things printed because things did not need to be published by hand on a regular basis. On earth we have even better machines like laser printers that print things quickly today.

Essays scoring a 3 in this domain are apt to have simple and easy development and are extremely basic, with imprecise or repeated thinking or illustration. comparison this with a good example from an essay that will get a 6:

Devices are great at low-skill, repeated jobs as well as high-speed, exceedingly accurate jobs. Both in full situations, they operate better than people. Just just Take, for example, the exemplory case of publishing. Being a composer, i must manage to produce numerous copies of my sheet music to offer to my performers. If I had been to duplicate away each component by hand, it can just simply take times, and would many likely contain inaccuracies. Having said that, my printer (a device) has the capacity to print away multiple copies of components with extreme accuracy. If as it happens We made a mistake once I had been entering into the sheet music on the computer (another machine), i will effortlessly correct this mistake and print out more copies quickly.

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